2018 Workshop on Drug Transporters, Co-Sponsored with FDA

2018 Workshop on Drug Transporters, Co-Sponsored with FDA
Program Details
2018 AAPS Workshop on Drug Transporters in ADME: From the Bench to the Bedside, Co-Sponsored by FDA

This Workshop will present research on new transporters and their potential contributions to disease state as well intracellular and large molecule transport mechanisms that may shed some insight on the pharmacokinetics of how therapeutics may be reaching their target sites. The 2018 Transporter Workshop will target across all transporter-mediated ADME/Pharmaceutical disciplines from drug discovery, drug development, drug safety, regulatory, and in vitro and in silico approaches to studying transporters. Our attendees will also span across disciplines from students, professors, to industrial and regulatory scientists.

Cancellations must be submitted to AAPS in writing by April 2, 2018 and faxed to +1.703. 243.5582 or sent via email to [email protected] Cancellation requests received by this date will be refunded less a $250 administrative fee for members and nonmembers, and $30 for student registrants. Refunds will not be issued for requests received after April 2, 2018. All approved refunds will be issued after May 2, 2018.

Registrant Substitutions
Registrant Substitutions from the same company may be submitted in writing at any time without penalty. If the membership status of the substitute differs from that of the original registrant, a refund or additional charge may apply. Send substitution requests to [email protected] or fax to +1.703.243.5582.
4/16/2018 - 4/18/2018
Hyatt Regency Dulles 2300 Dulles Corner Boulevard Herndon, VA 20171

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